Wangpeng An | wangpeng an


Computer Vision Engineer at Facebook, Inc.


human pose estimation deep learning optimization
year title authors tags paper code slides
2020 PID Controller-Based Stochastic Optimization Acceleration for Deep Neural Networks Haoqian Wang, Yi Luo, Wangpeng An, Qingyun Sun, Jun Xu, Lei Zhang ml IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS, IF:11.368) -- --
2019 Sparse, collaborative, or nonnegative representation: Which helps pattern classification? Jun Xu, Wangpeng An, Lei Zhang, David Zhang ml pattern recognition -- --
2018 A PID Controller Approach for Stochastic Optimization of Deep Networks Wangpeng An, Haoqian Wang, Qingyun Sun, Jun Xu, Qionghai Dai, Lei Zhang dl, optimization CVPR spotlight
2018 Magnify-Net for Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation Haoqian Wang, WangPeng An, Xingzheng Wang, Lu Fang and Jiahui Yuan dl, human pose icme oral -- --
2018 Detecting non-hardhat-use by a deep learning method from far-field surveillance videos Qi Fang, Heng Li, X.C. Luo, L.Y. Ding, H.B Luo, Timothy M.Rose and Wangpeng An dl, safety Automation in Construction -- --
2018 A deep learning-based method for detecting non-certified work on construction sites Qi Fang, Heng L., X.C. Luo, Lieyun D., T. M. Rose, Wangpeng An, Yantao Yu dl, safety Advanced Engineering Informatics -- --
2017 Exponential Decay Sine Wave Learning Rate for Fast Deep Neural Network Training Wangpeng An, Haoqian Wang, Yulun Zhang, Qionghai Dai dl, optimization vcip oral -- --
2017 Student-t Process Regression with Student-t Likelihood Qingtao Tang, Li Niu, Y.S Wang, Tao Dai, Wangpeng An ml ijcai -- --
2016 Fast and Accurate Image Denoising via a Deep Convolutional-Pairs Network Lulu Sun, Yongbing Zhang, Wangpeng An, Jingtao Fan, Jian Zhang, Haoqian Wang, Qionghai Dai ml pcm -- --